Town Hall Pub in Lakeview closes after owner dies from COVID-19

One of Chicago’s best-known dive bars has closed its doors for business.

Locals loved the Town Hall Pub for its down-to-earth atmosphere and jello shots.

“It’s definitely a hidden gem,” Jordan Jones, a former bargoer, said. “It’s going to be missed.” 

The Town Hall Pub – named Chicago’s best dive bar by the Chicago Reader – is closed indefinitely. Patrons say it had the feel of a cozy, backwoods Wisconsin tavern. Drinks were strong and cheap. Pudding and gummy bear shots were plentiful.

The bar’s owner, William Bucholtz, passed away on Sept. 6 from COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. In his obituary, loved ones say they cannot believe he’s gone. For neighbors, it’s a shocking reminder to stay vigilant, especially because of the Delta variant. 

“It’s sad and it’s also scary at the same time,” Jones said. “We probably need to be checking up on if we need to get a second dose, get another vax or get a booster.”

Neighbors hope someone will buy the bar and keep the well-liked establishment as is.  

[WGN Chicago}

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