Wiener’s Circle officially adding a Bar and Patio Upon Reopening

“Nature will feel as if it’s feeling when the Wiener’s Circle staff are roasting customers and cooking hot dogs again.”

As promised, iconic Chicago hot dog stand the Wiener’s Circle has applied for a liquor license at 2622 N. Clark Street in preparation for its anticipated reopening that will for the first time include a bar.

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Schoolyard Tavern Gutted on the inside

The interior of Schoolyard Tavern is completely gutted, and it looks like it’s suffering the same fate as Southport Lanes

Currently, the interior of Schoolyard Tavern is completely gutted and a dismantle of some-sort is underway. The bar and backroom are both completely ripped out, along with all tables/chairs and other items that were once installed. We’ve reached out to Schoolyard Tavern after their final closing last October on what the current status is with the business, but have yet to hear back. No more website, however Facebook and Twitter are still up.

Schoolyard Tavern – before
Current state as of July, 2021
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Lululemon Southport Corridor: LOVE and IMPERFECT IS PERFECT

Lululemon’s newly remodeled Southport Corridor shop is fully complete, and Emmy Star Brown is the star of the show with her new murals that surround each corner.

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Wrigleyville’s Remodeled Dairy Queen Almost Open

After a few months of remodeling, Southport’s facelifted Dairy Queen is almost open, and by the looks of the outside, it looks great!

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Revised Drawings for Wrigley Field

What do you think of the additions?  You can read more from here.

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