Many on Southport seem underwhelmed with Hot Mama coming

For those of you that fall into this category, what would you have liked to see instead?

3 thoughts on “Many on Southport seem underwhelmed with Hot Mama coming”

  1. Would have loved to see the building renovated, but kept the same mom and pop stores that were currently there. Why bring in another retailer? We are getting rid of everything that brings people to the neighborhood, and replacing them with things that people go to do down town and in other neighborhoods. KEEP NAILBAR AND ANTHONY'S!!!!!


  2. Hot Mama will be closed in 4 months anyways. It's just competing with Anthropology, but on a way lower scale. I am one that says keep the stores. Our street is beautiful! And these two stores we would lose are the the spice in the middle of the block. If you are going to close anything, close down the GROSS car wash!! no need for that!


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