FRIDAY! 📷 @archer_about_town
All smiles for summer on southport @southportcorridorchicago @corridorchicago (at Corridor Brewery & Provisions)


Patio vibes ⭐️ 🌮 📷 @tucoandblondie (at Tuco and Blondie)

Patio vibes ⭐️ 🌮 📷 @tucoandblondie (at Tuco and Blondie)

Patio Season is almost here at Corridor Provisions

Counting down the days until daily patio season is guaranteed 🍺⛱🌞 (at Corridor Brewery & Provisions)

Patio season at Schoolyard Tavern

🐕❤️📷 @titothefrenchburrito
My parents keep telling me, “IT’S PATIO SEASON.” Well, I’m glad @schoolyardtavern was my first patio. Thanks for all of the love, treats, and french onion beer dip. (at Schoolyard Tavern)

We love hanging out with Southport Golden on our dog-friendly patio!

🐶❤️📷 @tucoandblondie
We love hanging out with @SouthportGolden on our dog-friendly patio! (at Tuco & Blondie)

It’s the last day with Phil at Schoolyard Tavern

📷 @southportgolden
It’s the last day with Phil at @schoolyardtavern 😓 (at Schoolyard Tavern)

Hotel Zachery’s New Patio

Hotel Zach’s amazing patio! Now let’s just add about 40 degrees to our temps and we’ll be all set! 📷 @sambernero (at Hotel Zachary)

Patio Season at Crosby’s Kitchen

Chicago: “It’s April so that must mean patio season.” Mother Nature: “Hold my beer, I’ve got another 6 weeks of misery concocted for you all.” 😭 (at Crosby’s Kitchen)

Patio Season is here at Corridor Brewery

YES!!! 🍺🍺🍺 📷 @corridorchicago
#patioseason #comegetthathaze #weallearnedthis (at Corridor Brewery & Provisions)

“I FINALLY met Southport Golden”

❤️🐶📷 @alyssajbirk
My best moment since moving to Chicago! I FINALLY met @southportgolden, I have been waiting months to run into this beauty!!🐶❤️ (at Schoolyard Tavern)

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