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A Detailed Look at Whole Food Lakeview Chicago

As we know, Whole Foods is coming to the intersection of Belmont, Ashland and Lincoln in Chicago, and will be the second largest Whole Foods in Chicago.  Take a detailed look at the plans for the store.  What are your thoughts?

Blueprints Don\'t Lie. SoulCycle above J. Crew on Southport?!?!

As we suspected from our earlier post on J. Crew, we spotted blueprints of 3423 N. Southport with SoulCycle\’s signage pictured above.  What are your thoughts, neighbors?

Lincoln Avenue Placemaking Construction Now Underway


(Photo: Work in progress as of April 20, 2015)

Construction is underway on the Lincoln Avenue Placemaking Project as of April 20. We’ll appreciate your patience during the work, and we are very excited about the energy this project and the new Lincoln Hub will add to the street when…

Lincoln Avenue Placemaking Construction Now Underway


The Assassination of President Lincoln, Ford’s Theatre, 1865. Stepping silently into the president’s box, John Wilkes Booth shoots Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head with a single-shot derringer. Also present are Lincoln’s wife, Mary, and their young friends, Clara Harris and Major Henry Reed Rathbone, whose arm Booth slashes with a knife. Lithograph by Currier and Ives.

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Lakeview Transit-Oriented Development: Housing & Transportation Trends


imageLakeview is historically a dense community that developed around its CTA stations, and demographic trends since 2000 continue to reinforce the central role of transit in the neighborhood. While there is significant demand to live and do business near transit, development in Lakeview has not capitalized on the opportunity with increased density near train stations. Of Lakeview’s eight CTA stations, five now have fewer housing units within a half mile, or 10-minute walk, than they had in 2000. Over-restrictive zoning policies and parking requirements have stifled development in the past, however, several development projects currently in the works are leveraging Chicago’s new transit-oriented development (TOD) policy that could enable the neighborhood to add households that will help support local businesses.

The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Center for Neighborhood Technology, has drafted a white paper demonstrating the need for additional TOD that would increase density and trade off private parking spaces in new development for additional residential and commercial space.

Download the Lakeview Transit-Oriented Development white paper here.