The Denim Lounge for Men is coming to the Southport Corridor

Roscoe Village’s locally owned business, The Denim Lounge is coming to Chicago’s Southport Corridor with a second location. The new boutique will be called The Denim Lounge for Men, and will be opening this September in the former SheOne space at 3544 N. Southport Avenue.

The store will cater to men’s denim, shirts, hats and will offer custom made jeans. According to the owner, the store will be a “small fun store with a casual vibe, and will offer free alterations.” They are very excited to be joining the other small businesses along Southport Avenue and are currently hiring. You can contact them directly for information on sales positions at 773-935-2820.

From their website, The Denim Lounge Roscoe Village carries the following brands for men:

·       47 BRAND
·       7 DIAMONDS
·       AG
·       BENSON
·       BUGATCHI
·       DL1961
·       EDWIN
·       FAHERTY
·       GRAYERS
·       HUDSON
·       JOES JEANS
·       JOHNNIE-O
·       PENGUIN
·       WRK

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my block is looking 🙌😻💯this summer. .
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3300 N. Clark St. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) under construction

We reported this several months ago, and construction is now underway at 3300 N. Clark.

“The applicant is proposing a 7.5 story mixed used building that is designed in consideration of the city\’s Transit Oriented Development ordinance.

The building will include 140 rental units, 20 parking spaces and approximately 10,000 sf of ground floor commercial space which is designed to enliven both the Clark and School Street frontages. The residential entrance will be off of School Street and all loading and parking ingress/egress will be accessed off of the alley. The modernist design will feature solid masonry (brick) on all elevations.

The development team has agreed to secure 20 additional parking spaces within two blocks of the development and utilize the space under the CTA and adjacent to the property when it becomes available.  Additionally, the alley to the west of the project, that abuts the property, will be upgraded in concrete as opposed to asphalt.”

Additional information can be found on Tom Tunney’s Website.

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❤️✨I’m really happy to share this 💚
At 17 Facebook came out.
At 18 I started teaching fitness classes. I was the first college class to have FB for all 4 years. No one really knew what to do with it. It was only college based so it became a lot about college life & posting going out photos. I did know if I liked it, nobody knew. Then, YouTube came out shortly after.
At 22 I went to Northwestern University for grad school to become a therapist, studying individual marriage and family therapy. As a student you see clients. I was young and motivated and intuitive and pretty well practiced (my parents are both psychologists) but I was anxious. I was nervous about being seen as a “professional”. In fact, we had full cohort seminars about creating your Professional Identity. 😉
I temporarily deactivated my FB account for fear some parent or teen would see me post something from real life & judge it. Ie: snagging beers at the cubs game with friends 🙃 and I didn’t even think about Instagram. I thought as a therapist I needed to be private, neutral. And that inadvertently meant not seen.
When I joined, I was mostly curious to see what all these people I worked with as clients and of course friends were using it for…it’s a part of our culture I needed to understand how it works. 🧐 and how it would work for me. How would I share? .
I first discovered I liked the Wall Street art photos. I had a goal of taking a picture in front of it… doing a handstand. This is @tucoandblondie my hood, I live #southportcorridorchicago
And today I took this photo 😍
It represents feeling confident in my own life decisions and being okay to share your truth and be seen. Secondly, it shows what consistent growth your mind body heart can manifest in less than a year 🤸🏾‍♀️ now I can do a variety of handstands for my own enjoyment, and if you happen to like it, too- that’s pretty awesome because this is a picture of joy. Glad I could share it.💕✨
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