#Repost @unrefined.inspiration
You guys! I was so caught up in the Easter Holiday with my family, I forgot Lent is over and I can finally have DONUTS AGAIN!!! Of course it took this adorable @Firecakes truck parked on the street while shopping at one of my fav stores of all time @LouandGrey to realize this. Is it crazy that I’m kind of apprehensive to indulge again because I’ve been without for so long?! I kind of broke the obsession/habit of craving a good ‘ol fashioned buttermilk glazed donut… omg never mind my mouth is watering 🤤. The time has come for the obsession to continue 😆🍩☕️ let the floodgates open! What’s your fav donut shop or donut?! #DonutLover #Unrefinedinspiration (at Lou & Grey)

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