Angry Lakeview Note to Neighbor Goes Viral

Don’t trust the B in apartment 517!  You gotta love the Internet – read the entire story from Curbed Chicago.

9 thoughts on “Angry Lakeview Note to Neighbor Goes Viral”

  1. Good for her! I'm glad she wrote back, not awkward at all. Not being able to feel comfortable in your own home when paying as much as we do in Chicago is ridiculous. And clearly someone hasn't come to terms with their own sexuality, unlike the girl in 517. I'd do the same thing if my neighbor wrote a snarky note like this one.


  2. The problem with this is not the poorly-composed and literacy-challenged request to keep the noise down, which, admittedly, was bitchy. The problem was that by posting it on the door instead of oh, I dunno, sliding it UNDER the door or putting it in an envelope, it was clearly intended to embarrass the occupant – which is kind of the definition of slut-shaming. Good on you 517.


  3. There are definitely better ways the first tenant could've handled that, and the second tenant is fully within her rights, but…if a person tells you they're hearing your sex-noises (singly or in a group), even if they very shittily mentioned it publicly, then keeping it up, not making any effort to keep your private life private, is involving someone in your sex life against their will. That actually is not OK.


  4. Actually the girl in 517 has a very strong law suit for libel, not to mention public defamation of character to everyone in the building. I would be seeking an attorney and filing suit.


  5. You are what is wrong with America. Someone made me sad… I am going to sue! This woman seems to have successfully handled the situation, no need to waste the courts time.


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