Small Cheval and FoxTrot coming to Wrigley Field’s Gallagher Way

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Foxtrot massively expanding; opening ‘Wrigley Field’ location

Foxtrot’s ‘Wrigley Field’ location unknown at this point, but will set up shop close to the ballpark in 2022

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A Very Southport Corridor Christmas

It’s that time of year to dust off the ladders –  and hang the lights! A very Southport Corridor Christmas around the neighborhood this year. It’s great to see – especially after a long 20 months of the pandemic.

Southport’s Foxtrot Market expanding nationwide

The chain will open 50 new locations within the next two years.

Chicago’s Foxtrot is dancing across the nation. The trendy convenience store startup yesterday said it will add 50 new locations within the next two years in trendy areas of New York City, Austin, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston among others

FoxTrot in Chicago’s Southport Corridor neighborhood
  • The Chicago-based chain, which currently has 13 stores, is coming to cities including Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City.

Welcome to the neighborhood: These new locations will be 2x the size of Foxtrot’s current models, making room for more trendy snacks—and larger cafes. (The chain hired former Momofuku Executive Chef Tae Strain in May to head its culinary renaissance.)

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3338 N. Southport Avenue Retail Space for Lease

It’s been a long-time real estate office, but it’s now for lease. This corner has been transformed in the past two years with the addition of Foxtrot and Coda Di Volpe. What would you like to see in this space? See the full listing here.

Spring 2019 on Chicago’s Southport Corridor

We had an endless winter and cold, dreary spring, but the sun is finally shining and the Southport Corridor is getting ready for Summer. Here’s a tour around the ‘Port during the Spring of 2019.

Lush, Warby Parker, Bonobos

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Foxtrot Southport Corridor

Happy #nationalpuppyday! 🐕❤️📷 @eviethefrenchie (at Foxtrot)

New fav corner store 🦊 (at Foxtrot Market – Southport)

☕️🍾🥖📷 @preppyniko
New fav corner store 🦊 (at Foxtrot Market – Southport)

Foxtrot Market now open

🦊🦊🦊📷 @foxtrotmarket
ICYMI – we’re now open in Southport! To keep the 🎉 going, a few friends are stopping by with all the sample drinks/treats for the next two weeks, starting tonight! Mark those calendars and we’ll see you there:⠀
🍷 Tuesday 10/2: Heritage Wines (5-7PM)⠀
🍷 Wednesday 10/3: Simple Farmer Wine (5-7PM)⠀
🍷 Thursday 10/4: Locations Wine (5-7PM)⠀
💧 Friday 10/5: Morning Recovery (4-7PM)⠀
🍦 Saturday 10/6: Fronen Frozen Dessert (2-4PM)⠀
🍷 Sunday 10/7: Vine Joy Wines (4-7PM)⠀
🍪 Monday 10/8: Paul Wayne (5-7PM)⠀
🍷 Tuesday 10/9: Rootstock Wine (5-7PM)⠀
🍺 Wednesday 10/10: Lagunitas (5-7PM)⠀
🍷 Thursday 10/11: Heritage Wines (5-7PM)⠀
🥃 Saturday 10/13: FEW Spirits (4-7PM)⠀
🍊 Sunday 10/14: Juice Society (10AM-12PM)⠀ (at Foxtrot Market – Southport)

Your first look at Foxtrot Delivery Market Southport Corridor

Foxtrot Delivery Market opened today in Chicago’s Southport Corridor neighborhood and here is your first look around the new store!

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