Vivial Restaurant has abruptly closed

Vivial has replaced their menu outside their front door with a “We are closed” sign today. We reached out to Vivial asking if they had closed for good and they responded “Yes”.  We also checked OpenTable which confirmed no tables are available any longer.  Vivial had re-concepted last November from Spencer’s Jolly Posh Foods.

More information can be read here from Eater Chicago.


2 thoughts on “Vivial Restaurant has abruptly closed”

  1. Very sad, but patronage was disappointingly low every time I went past. More time needed to be spent on making sure the concept was viable before suddenly closing Jolly Posh and reopening a very different place. Hopefully the next tenant will work out better.


  2. I always wondered why they chose to use the ticketing system for reservations when it first opened when it was always empty. Kinda sad to lose another restaurant on Southport.


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