Save $25 off a Ring Security Doorbell for Lake View Residents

From our Facebook post, a local resident caught a criminal going through his mail using his Ring Security Doorbell, and now you can get one and receive $25.00 off one for your home using the code in the graphic below at for Chicago\’s Lake View residents only.

The details on the product:

Our Facebook post from a local Lake View resident:

“At 6:32 pm on Monday, June 27, my new motion sensing brand doorbell alerted me that there was motion on the front porch.  I opened the front door to find the person in the video with my mailbox open.  He seemed startled and immediately claimed that he was dropping off advertisement and then quickly walked off the porch and down Lakewood toward Grace.  It seemed very suspect to me and I immediately reviewed the video and could clearly see that he was lying.  As is clear from the video, he walked up onto our porch empty handed and opened the mailbox and immediately began rummaging through our mail.  When I opened the door, he was clearly startled and made up the story that he was dropping off advertisements which he clearly was not.  I immediately called 911 with a description.  CPD dispatched a unit to my house to review the video which I am providing to them copies which will be distributed to officers at roll call.  Keep a look out for this guy as he is clearly up to no good.  He is probably looking for pieces of mail to steal (bank checks, etc.) and may have also been intent on taking the package that was delivered.  He is a male white, approximately 35-45 years old, about 5’9” and 165 pounds.  Call 911 if you see him.”

The video:

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