Three New Destinations in Lakeview and Lakeview Party Bus Information

Lakeview is an excellent area with opportunities for fun that all ages can enjoy. This is why it\’s a popular place to visit. Whether you\’re a tourist or simply a resident of the Chicago area looking to get to know Lakeview better, there are a few ways to do so. Anybody who is in a new spot wants to know where all of the best gems are for sightseeing, shopping, and dining. Like we said, there\’s a little something for everybody to enjoy, so here are three of the newest places to check out.
Lago Wine Bar
3207 N Sheffield Ave
This Italian wine bar is a contemporary, calming place to sit down and have dinner. The wide subway tiles and lighting makes it feel very modern. The black truffle macaroni and cheese is something that you must try! If you\’re not a wine person, there are also great varieties of beer to consider.
3333 N Broadway St
Korean food is the name of the game at Moccozy. This family owned restaurant is warm and comforting, and so is the food. The bibimbap comes loaded with fresh vegetables, the protein of your choice, and a fried egg. From bulgogi to fried dumplings, there\’s a lot of hearty options to choose from.
Chill N2
2935 Broadway St
This unique dessert spot offers nitrogen ice cream as well as other creative delicacies. There\’s a coffee menu to choose from with cappuccinos and lattes. There are also board games here for entertainment, and the staff is incredibly helpful if it\’s your first time visiting!

Whether you\’re looking to dine in luxury or hit the bar scene to dance the night away, be sure to consider your mode of transportation. With a Chicago Luxury Car Provider, limousine, or party bus rental, you can focus on having fun instead of dealing with traffic and directions. Reservations are handled by phone at 312-725-2871.  

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