Guns N’ Roses coming to Wrigley Field Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Cubs can host a rare, Thursday night Guns N’ Rosses concert at Wrigley Field this September.

The Cubs can host a Thursday night concert at Wrigley Field this September.

Wrigley Field Schedules Concerts for Summer 2021 - On Tap Sports Net

City Council voted Wednesday to approve the Sept. 16 Guns N’ Roses concert.

Typically, midweek concerts after Labor Day are not allowed under the ordinance controlling night games and concerts at Wrigley Field. But the ordinance passed Wednesday will make a one-time exception for one of the three concerts the ballpark is hosting this year.

The Guns N’ Roses show was originally scheduled for July 21, but rescheduled for September after Wrigley Field returned to full capacity for games and shows.

Last month, the Cubs also were allowed to host a one-time Friday night game on June 18 against the Miami Marlins because the team was returning home late the night before from an away game against the New York Mets.

Weekend night games typically are banned for the Cubs because they worsen traffic congestion and parking problems in Wrigleyville on what are already busy nights for area restaurants and nightclubs.

“Rescheduling the game from the afternoon to the evening would give the Chicago Cubs almost six more hours of rest, and thus they would be a team better prepared to win,” the ordinance said.

But the Cubs lost to the Marlins anyway, with the game ending 10-2 in the Marlins’ favor.

Article from Block Club Chicago.

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