Paws Chicago needs your help


“Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana as a powerful Category 4 storm on Sunday afternoon. One of the strongest hurricanes to hit the state on record, the devastation has been overwhelming, and more than a million people are without power.  

When disaster strikes, pets suffer. And when PAWS is called upon to help, we always say yes.  

PAWS is stepping in to take dogs and cats from our Louisiana shelter partners so they can focus on saving hurt, injured and traumatized animals who have been displaced by the storm. Thanks to dedicated volunteers and supporters, PAWS Chicago can offer immediate assistance, but we need your help to take care of these animals once they arrive. 

PAWS Chicago’s efforts will focus on pets who were already been in local shelters before the storms hit, making room for the animals in crisis that continue to come in and for pets of families who have lost everything and can no longer keep their animals. 

Our newly expanded Medical Center was built to help animals like these who would have so few options without our help. Once here, each pet will need extensive medical attention, including vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries. After being medically cleared, these pets will be available for adoption at PAWS Chicago’s adoption centers. 

PAWS welcomes donations and asks people in Chicago to open their homes to foster pets and to sign up to volunteer. Please join our efforts to help alleviate suffering and save more lives.  


We will post routine updates on the Ida Rescue Mission as details are available. Check back often!


This afternoon, we welcomed 38 cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies to PAWS Chicago from eight Louisiana Shelters.

Many of them will eventually need medical treatment for things heartworm. They’ll need foster homes, some extra patience, and a whole lot of love. But right now, they’re just focused on safe settling in at the PAWS Medical Center after a long trip north.

So, here’s where us humans come in. We need help — your help — for them to thrive here in Chicago.

If you can, foster a pet in need. DonateVolunteer. Be a steward for these animals and, in turn, the shelters working hard to help Louisiana pets misplaced by Hurricane Ida.

We’re so grateful for this community of animal lovers who’s pulled together to help provide supplies for rescues impacted by Ida’s devastation. These guys certainly feel the love.



Two dedicated PAWS volunteers are now on their way south to a safe meeting point with a van full of supplies prepared for a Louisiana rescue partner.

On the way back, supplies will be exchanged for homeless pets ready to start their journeys here in Chicago. The animals we’re rescuing were in the shelter system well before Hurricane Ida. Welcoming them to PAWS means the shelters impacted by Ida will have more space and resources to house loved animals displaced during the storm, making it easier for families to find their missing pets.

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to all who donated items yesterday during our donation drive! You’re making a difference.”


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