M2 Boutique closing end of October

In a Instagram post, M2 says its farewell, says a “retail tobacco shop” is coming to their space.

In a farewell Instagram post, M2 announced it is closing at the end of October, 2021.

“The time has “finally” come😩. Only 2 weeks until we close the doors. We weren’t sure when this was actually going to happen, which is why 30 days turned quickly into 2 weeks. So much is happening at once. I’m sure you guys have heard by now what is moving in across the street (Sunglass Hut, Claire’s ugh) and a block up (Ambercrombie)- it’s official- Southport is a street mall.
M2 is being taken over by a “retail tobacco” shop (aka HEADSHOP?) but I’m not quite sure how that will happen with a park district 52 feet away. 🤔
Couple that with the manufacturing and inventory issues, the shipping vessels being stuck on the coasts, and the 500% increase in shipping prices that are being passed down to us. Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse…Well HEY UNIVERSE- I freakin hear you loud and clear!
Take advantage of holiday shopping NOW with us – you will soon see the difficulty of holiday shopping if you wait too long.
We are still receiving merchandise daily and the pickin’s are plenty right now! 20% off entire store, cash discount as well and if you need any gift wrapping you may have to leave it with us and pick it up later as we are short staffed. Hours may be wonky as well so check social media daily for any last minute changes.
No plans for anything – just need to get this place empty.”


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