Statement from Ald. Tom Tunney on Southport Robberies December 2, 2021

“Dear Neighbors,

Yesterday there were a three robberies on or near Southport that have left me and many of our neighbors concerned. Today I spoke with the 19th District Police Commander and 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin about what the plan is to prevent further robberies. Starting today the 19th District Police will be deploying bike patrol units on the residential side streets near Southport. Additionally the 19th District will be increasing the amount of traffic missions along Southport in order to monitor traffic and potentially catch vehicles fleeing other crimes in the neighborhood.

The robberies last night involved a gray Dodge charger and occurred on the 3900 block of Southport, 1300 block of W School, and 1300 block of W Grace around 5pm-5:30pm yesterday. If you have camera footage or saw anything that could be a help to CPD please reach out to the 19th District’s Community Policing Office at (312) 744-0064.

We also are aware of other incidents recently in the ward and will continue to share updates as it becomes available.

Please always be aware of your surroundings. Also if you see suspicious vehicles in the area please take down the make, model, and license plates.

Working together we can all help to keep our neighborhood safe and welcoming for everyone”

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