L&M Fine Foods Popping up this holiday season

Now open next to Steingold’s, L&M Fine Foods has popped up this holiday season on Southport Avenue. They feature a deli, catering and specialty gifts according to their website.

According to L&M, they are popping up in December, then opening for good in March. They will occupy the front half of Steingold’s, then the back half will be seating connected to Steingold’s. L&M is similar to a FoxTrot market, and their other location is location at 4363 North Lincoln Avenue.

See their menu here.

About L&M Fine Foods:

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

L&M Fine Foods was created from the desire to provide quality grocery products, delicious prepared foods, and extraordinary customer service all in one place.

We understand that shopping for superior quality products can be intimidating, and it’s our goal to make the entire process more comfortable. From our owner, Rebecca, to our chef, Nathan, our team is ready to help you find the perfect ingredients for your next meal. 

At L&M Fine Foods, we have four primary goals when it comes to serving our customers:

  1. Ensure high-quality products and services are easily accessible in a comfortable and welcoming environment.
  2. Share our passion and knowledge of food and beverage to help our customers feel empowered when making the best culinary choices for themselves and their families.
  3. Help our neighbors reconnect with food through a better understanding of the products they consume.
  4. Nourish relationships within our local community to provide the most personalized and consistent experience for our customers.

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