Barstool Sports will open a sports bar in River North

Barstool Sports, the digital media company founded by David Portnoy announced on Instagram that it will be opening a Barstool bar in River North.

The bars provide an atmosphere, including food, drinks, TVs, and advertising, aimed at younger demographics. The Barstool venue will promote its popular mobile sports-betting app, available in 11 states; the company said in 2020 it has upward of 66 million active monthly users.

Overall, the company said it expects additional growth in the near future – with its Barstool Sportsbook and iCasino apps as it looks to online gaming to continue to bolster its core business model.

A year after the coronavirus pandemic led to shutdowns and restrictions on venues and sporting events across the country, the company posted revenue of $1.5 billion – more than $1.2 billion better than 2020 and $233 million above pre-pandemic 2019.

“The strong results were driven by exceptional performance across our portfolio of core gaming business properties,” Snowden said. “Contributions from Barstool Sports, the media company, were also positive. Further, we saw strong revenue growth across our Penn Interactive segment, which operated near breakeven for the quarter despite being live in only four states.”

An opening date for the Barstool Sports Bar in Chicago is not known, and it is also opening a space in Philadelphia.

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