Whoever wrote this about Schoolyard Tavern – you suck

Schoolyard Tavern closed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but also has indicated they don’t “feel welcome” following this review:

On behalf of all of the Southport Corridor – this is bullshit and Schoolyard would be most welcome back.


2 thoughts on “Whoever wrote this about Schoolyard Tavern – you suck”

  1. Not only does the person who wrote that offensive tweet not understand who actually lives in the neighborhood (the demographics left out quite a few groups who actually live here, and have for quite a while), but this person is simply, in a word, wrong. They clearly don’t realize that they’re living in the country’s 3rd largest city… one that’s diverse in countless ways. They need to grow up, wake up and experience more than the 10-block radius of like-mindedness they’re surrounding themselves with. This person DOES NOT represent Chicago, Southport Corridor, me or my family and friends .


  2. Lolololol I just moved to Bucktown after a decade of living on/right off of Southport and the commentary in that tweet is not only wrong and stupid in multiple ways but also part of why I left. Good luck with the ass**** bros, I’ll be in an adult neighborhood with real people who don’t suck.


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