Is it possible? Could Anthony Rizzo come back to the Chicago Cubs?

Could it be a possibility? According to Bleacher Nation, it might be.

David Haugh and Bruce Levine on Inside the Clubhouse this morning got into the topic, and the exchange was surprising and informative:

Haugh: We mentioned [Kris Bryant], and that’s kind of silly to think about him coming to Chicago – on either side of town. But I did read a headline, I think it was, asking the question rhetorically about Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs having a reunion, what do you think about some of those possibilities?

Levine: I’ve heard that’s possible. I’ve heard that it’s not out of the realm of giving a two or three-year contract. What if you heard, once the lockout ends, that the Cubs signed Rizzo to a two-year, $40M contract with a third year option. Would that be shocking to you?”

Would you welcome Tony back??


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