Amazon Books Southport Corridor is now closed

It’s officially official – Amazon Books once located at 3443 N. Southport Avenue is now closed. Amazon has closed all bookstores, 4-Star stores and pop-ups.

From Amazon,

All Amazon Books, 4-star and Pop Up physical store locations are now closed. These closures do not impact other Amazon physical store locations such as Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

If you purchased an item in-store and would like to return it after the date of closure:

Visit and enter the Order ID into the Gift Returns section. Your order ID can be found on your physical receipt, or within Your Orders if you used your Amazon account in store.

If you have a QR code for an return that you selected to drop off at an Amazon Books, 4-star or Pop Up store:

Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market stores can accept your return without any additional action needed. If you wish to return at another location including UPS or Kohl’s, please cancel your return on and then create a new return for your preferred location. Contact Amazon Customer Service for additional support.

For more information about returning items purchased at an Amazon physical store, go to Amazon Physical Stores Return Policies.

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