A new Thai restaurant is coming to Chicago’s Southport Corridor

Say hello to NaKorn! “NaKorn prides itself on not being a cookie-cutter Americanized Thai restaurant and it really shows in the menu”

NaKorn currently has a location in Evanston and is coming to Chicago’s Southport Corridor

Evanston’s NaKorn Kitchen is making its way to Southport in Schoolyard Tavern‘s former location, which closed in 2020.

From Evanston Now back in 2016, “NaKorn means “Metropolitan” in Thai and that the restaurant will bring authentic Thai food to Evanston.”

“The NaKorn menu will offer a perfect blend of bold flavors with traditional, old-world recipes in a modern presentation. Using only the finest ingredients, we will create unique dishes layered with flavors”

You can take a look at their menu from Evanston here, along with their Facebook and Instagram pages. Excited for a new restaurant joining Southport Avenue?

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