Renderings for 3035 N. Sheffield’s upcoming development – is this a joke?

Who knew there were early twentieth century row homes all around Wellington and Sheffield? From Ald. Tunney’s website, this new condo development is in the works for 3035 N. Sheffield Avenue.

Here is another rendering, again, no CTA tracks to be found:

And here is the reality:

The first unit will be a duplex down priced at $1.1 million, a simplex for $775,000, and a duplex up for $1.3 million.

Do you think the developer should be updating their renderings, and would you pay that much to live at the Wellington CTA stop?

3 thoughts on “Renderings for 3035 N. Sheffield’s upcoming development – is this a joke?”

  1. Eh, the brick-ish rendered structures look nothing like early twentieth century row homes, they’re obviously just placeholders. But it’s amusing that they used that style and then claimed the new building would “closely mirror the style of other buildings on the block to preserve the character and integrity of the neighborhood.” Which I guess is true, it’s another looming 4-story box in a stretch of looming 4-story boxes, might as well show the other ones (especially next door).
    Personally I think they need to update it to make it clear where the garage will be, because that tree in the back clearly isn’t happening.


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