Construction started on “Polka-dot Park” as the $16 Million Street Overhaul Begins

Goodbye Polka-dots, a polarizing experiment created back in 2015 at the intersections of Wellington, Southport and Lincoln Avenues. From Block Club Chicago, “A Lincoln Hub streetscaping project is underway to remove blue and green polka-dots and bring safety improvements to a six-way intersection in Lakeview.

The project, expected to finish in summer 2023, will include full-width resurfacing, new lighting and traffic signals, tree planting, widened sidewalks, new decorative crosswalks and larger pedestrian plaza spaces, said Gia Biagi, commissioner for the city’s Department of Transportation.

The streetscaping will happen along three streets:

  • Lincoln Avenue from Wellington Avenue to Melrose Street.
  • Ashland Avenue from Barry Avenue to School Street.
  • Belmont Avenue from Ashland to Southport avenues.

“You really have all the needs, like the need for economic vibrancy and the need for safety crossing the street or biking on it,” Biagi said. “All of that is coming together.”


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