Family-run independent Three Avenues Bookshop is coming to Southport Avenue

For years, folks have commented about having a locally-owned bookstore on Southport Avenue, and now one is finally coming. Three Avenues Bookshop will be opening in Fall 2022 at 3003 N. Southport Avenue, the intersection of Southport, Lincoln and Wellington.

The bookstore is currently under construction, and according to their Instagram page, they should be open in late September to early October.

About Three Avenues Bookshop

We are a family-run independent bookstore opening soon in Chicago’s West Lakeview neighborhood.

We are a general interest bookstore open to all story lovers. We aim to promote literacy, connection, and engagement within our community, city, and beyond. We believe in independent bookstores and the power that stories have to open our minds and bring people together.

Our address lies at the six-way intersection of Lincoln Avenue, Wellington Avenue, and Southport Avenue. Sign up for our monthly Newsletter and follow us on social media to get updates as we bring our brick-and-mortar space to life.

Are you looking forward to an independent bookstore on the street?


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