Lakeview Named Nation’s 3rd Best Big-City Neighborhood by CNN Money

What do you like best about living in Lake View?  We think it’s Southport, but we’re a bit biased 🙂

From CNN-Money: Median household income: $77,500

Median home value: $345,000
Typical 2-bedroom rental: $1,800
Pros: If any ‘hood is all things to all people, it’s Lakeview. Ask residents what they like best, and some will tell you about the show they saw in the Belmont Theater District. Others will talk about the parks, golf course, and easy access to Lake Michigan. Then there are those who point to Wrigley Field or the Boystown district, Chicago’s largest gay and lesbian community.

And it’s all just five miles north of the downtown Loop, with affordable homes and easy access to the L.

Cons: Relative to real estate prices, rents are high. Some areas can get crowded (think Wrigleyville on game day). –S.M.

Read the rest here


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