Old Southport: Zum Deutschen Eck

A throwback to the last half of the 20th Century is Zum Deutschen Eck.  From Chicago Bar Project:

“Perhaps the largest German restaurant and “bierstube” in Chicago, many mourned the abrupt closure of Zum Deutschen Eck in January 9, 2000. In recognition of the sixth anniversary of its departure, the Chicago Bar Project presents this page in memoriam for what in German meant, “The German Corner.”

Not to be confused with many hotels by the same name in present day Germany, Zum Deutschen Eck was one of the most popular German restaurants in all of Chicago since it originally opened in the 1950s. Since it closed, many felt great sadness and dismay as this piece of Chicago history was torn down and replaced by a parking lot for the Athenaeum Theatre, which took a fair bit of doing considering that the old Tudor-style building took up the entire corner of Southport and George.

Several have since had to find a new place for their regular pilgrimages to what many regarded as the best Bavarian chalet in the city. Some blame the son of the original owner, Al Wirth Jr., for taking the money and running, leaving the loyalists without their beloved Zum Deutschen Eck. But, as with anything, life moves on…”

Did you visit here often?

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