Amazon Fresh Grocery Store coming to Lakeview

“Just Walk Out” grocery store coming to The Lakeview Connection

Amazon Fresh, the new grocery store from Amazon where you just “walk out” with you shopping cart is coming to 3179 N. Clark Street.

The former Fifth Third Bank’s site will include a smaller version of the branch, with several more retail spaces available.

More information can be found here at this link from CBRE.

Planned by Hubbard Street Group, the new construction will produce a two-story development rising 48 feet. The building will include approximately 59,000 square feet of new retail or commercial space. Over 20,000 square feet of that will be located on the ground floor with an approximate frontage of 295 feet along W. Belmont Avenue.

3179 N. Clark | Alderman Tom Tunney – 44th Ward Chicago

The building will feature underground parking for tenants and visitors. The garage will be accessed off of N. Clark Street, with loading accessed off of N. Halsted Street.

Amazon Fresh: What’s ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping like?

“To the uninitiated, it’ll probably feel a bit like shoplifting.

I mean, whoever heard of walking into a grocery store, filling a cart full of food and leaving without paying a cashier or even swiping a credit or debit card through a kiosk on your way out?

That’s the “Just Walk Out” technology consumers will find at the new Amazon Fresh store in Cerritos. The market at 11340 South St. opened to the public on Thursday, Nov. 18, but I got a sneak peek Wednesday.

At 39,000 square feet, the Cerritos location is the largest Amazon Fresh store with Just Walk Out technology. (Photo by Chuck Bennett, contributing photographer)

You can enter the store one of three ways — by scanning the QR code on your Amazon app, by hovering your palm over the reader, or by inserting a credit or debit card into the reader that’s linked to your Amazon account.

You’ll also be prompted as to whether you want to use the Just Walk Out technology or shop using a traditional checkout lane staffed by an Amazon employee. Once the entry gate opens and you’re inside, you can place your items in an Amazon shopping cart or grab a plastic or reusable shopping bag hanging from the wall.

As for Just Walk Out technology, the premise is simple: You gather the foods you need and leave without going through a crowded checkout line or self-serve kiosk. Your credit or debit card will be charged for all of the items in your virtual shopping cart and you’ll receive a digital receipt via email.

The first thing that caught my eye in the Cerritos store was the produce section. It has a wide range of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables, including 15-cent bananas. Not bad!

“That price is the same at every single store,” said Amazon spokeswoman Rachel Hass. “Low prices are definitely what these stores are known for.”

The store’s service counter also functions a little differently. If you ask for a chicken breast, for example, they’ll wrap it up, stick a label on it and hand it to you. Overhead cameras capture the price on the label and it’s automatically added to your virtual shopping cart.

“We had to build that technology to make it work there,” Hass said.

And getting back to that shoplifting thing … if someone actually wanted to steal something it would be hard because the stores are outfitted with hundreds of cameras as well as sensor-enabled shelving.

Just throwing that out there.

The store also has Alexa kiosks, which can come in handy. Want to know which aisle the ketchup is on, or where the restroom is? Alexa will tell you. She’ll also say what in-store deals are available that day and can advise you on what wine goes best with a particular cut of meat.

Beyond that, the place functions much like any other grocery store. The digital side of things seems to be where all supermarkets are headed. Think about the many self-serve kiosks that allow shoppers to check out on their own. That process has been made even faster with the use of tap credit and debit cards.

Other supermarket chains, including Albertsons and Sam’s Club, have implemented similar contactless pay options, so the momentum is definitely there.

Burt Flickinger III, managing director for the retail consulting firm Strategic Resource Group, says this kind of shopping experience resonates with customers — particularly amid the pandemic.

“The checkout line is the least favorite aspect of going to a grocery store,” he said. “This eliminates that, and checkout lines right now are about 200% longer because of the shortage of workers during COVID-19.”

At 39,000 square feet, the Cerritos location is the largest Amazon Fresh store with Just Walk Out technology. Others in Bellevue, Wash., and in the Chicago area range from 25,000 to 35,000 square feet. The company also operates a 7,000-square-foot location in Washington, D.C.

Amazon Fresh plans to open two more area locations with Just Walk Out technology in La Habra and Moorpark, although the company hasn’t revealed opening dates for those locations.

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