The Lincoln Hub becoming permanent this year

Love it? Hate it? Back in 2015, The South Lakeview Neighborhood Association voted to remove it. But it stayed, and now it is becoming permanent according to Streetsblog Chicago.

In the mid-2010s the Chicago Department of Transportation and the Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce made some quick-and-cheap paint-and-posts pedestrian safety improvements to two complex six-way intersections in Lakeview. At the time officials promised that after the designs proved successful, they would be upgraded to permanent concrete infrastructure. Several years later, that’s finally supposed to happen later this year.

Streetsblog Chicago

We visited the Lincoln Hub as it was getting painted, and again when the bollards kept getting hit.

Now there will be a permanent placement in 2022 based on original designs before the pandemic.

“According to Paul Sajovec, chief of staff for local alderman Scott Waguespack (32nd), the concrete improvements to the intersections are scheduled to be constructed this year as part of a streetscape project on Lincoln between Diversey and Belmont avenues, which will also include new sidewalks, benches, bike racks, and other street furniture”

The design of the permanent infrastructure will be similar but not identical to the current layout of the paint and posts, according to Sajovec, with tweaks made based on CDOT’s observations of vehicle movements. A working group composed of local residents had been meeting at the Lincoln Belmont library branch to discuss the streetscape design but hasn’t met since the COVID-19 pandemic started, so Sajovec said he doesn’t expect the design plans have changed significantly in the last two years.

According to Sajovec, the streetscape delay was partly caused by a water main project, since it would have made no sense to rebuild the street simply to have the water department tear it up again.

Streetsblog Chicago

Are you ready for this to become a permanent fixture?

3 thoughts on “The Lincoln Hub becoming permanent this year”

  1. The Lincoln Hub is just stupid what a waste of tax dollars, fix the potholes and refinish the streets instead


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