What will happen to Southport’s Amazon Books space? Just look to the past

Amazon Books grand opening in 2017 at 3443 N. Southport Avenue

Amazon is shutting down all its Amazon Books physical bookstores, as well as its Amazon 4-star and Amazon Pop Up shops, which sold a variety of electronics and other items, including 3443 N. Southport Avenue in our neighborhood. So what will happen with the space?

Let’s look to the past marketing brochures from L3 Capital:

The original for lease brochure after Mystic Celt sold the property to L3 Captial

If you look back to the mid 2010’s, L3 Capital had purchased the space from Mystic Celt and marketed it for 2-3 tenants.

Per L3 at the time, their goal was to “Add more national and international high-end clothing retailers in the vein of Alice and Olivia or Theory. Not a mall — more like a version of Fillmore Street in San Francisco and a complement to the stores on Oak Street in Chicago’s Gold Coast.”

So if we look to the past, expect the space to be divided up to 2-3 national retail tenants. What retail is on your wish list?


2 thoughts on “What will happen to Southport’s Amazon Books space? Just look to the past”

  1. Please no more retail, a nice restaurant bar that does Not sell pub grub, no pizza or burgers, the residents of this area would like more choices, the money is there if someone would just come up with a good idea. And please no 4 square restaurants


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