Statement from Ald. Tom Tunney on this week’s violence in Lakeview

From Ald. Tom Tunney:

“Dear Neighbors,

Tragically, in the past week, the 44th Ward has experienced two shootings. On Sunday night, Hermilo Beltran, was killed behind 3458 N Clark. This afternoon, in the 3100 block of N Broadway, a 72-year-old woman was shot in the leg by unknown offenders driving by in a car. Police do not believe she was the intended target. Fortunately, she is in stable condition and is expected to recover.

I was driving on Briar near Broadway returning to my office minutes after today’s shooting and was on scene shortly after the victim was placed in the ambulance. I saw the anguish and anger I felt reflected in the faces of witnesses and others in the vicinity. The police presence after the incident was swift and significant. I am confident that with assistance of witnesses and video from nearby security cameras, the CPD will work diligently to solve these two shootings.

While shootings in the 44th Ward are rare, violence has been brought to our neighborhoods too often in the last few years. As I have stated numerous times both publicly and privately to the leadership of the Chicago Police Department, this is unacceptable. As it has been for several years, crime remains my number one priority. I have repeatedly called for more police presence in Lakeview and I find it unacceptable that our 19th Police District staffing numbers are so low.

During the past few months my office has held public safety meetings with all the Lakeview chambers of commerce and several community groups. I will continue to fight for funding to the Police Department, enhanced technology resources, as well as mental health and housing programs. Going forward I will continue collaborate closely with the hardworking 19th District Police and I will provide updates to the community as they are made available to my office.

Residents who have any information on these shootings should reach out to the Bureau of Detectives – Area 3 at (312) 744-8263. Anonymous tips can be sent to

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Beltran family. I know Mr. Beltran will be missed by the entire Lakeview community. The Beltran Family and the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce are collecting donations for his widow and two children; click here to donate; click here to donate.”


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