Soli Grill – 100% Vegan is coming to Southport Avenue

Soli Grill is getting closer to opening adjacent to Mercury Theater. A liquor license has been filed earlier in the year, signs are now up and work has been progressing on the inside.

Grassroots, formerly Deleece closed January 1, 2020 and the space has been vacant for over two years.

No social media or websites at this time can be found other than on the Chamber’s website.

Are you looking forward to a new restaurant option on Southport?

One thought on “Soli Grill – 100% Vegan is coming to Southport Avenue”

  1. hello soli grill. my name is art vaisvilas. i was the former dishwasher at grassroots grill at 3747 north southport ave from may 2016 to dec. 2020. i was there for 3 and a half years and know how to wash dishes. lol. if you are looking for a dish washer for your new establishment, look no further. and if you have the same dish washing machine, i can operate it with no problem. let me know if you are interested. john handler (the former proprietor said that he would give me a good reference. lynne womack was the boss and they are friends of mine as well as employers. so, i can spare you the agony of seeking out a dishwasher if you wish. please contact me if interested. and i only live a half mile away. thank you! 312 723 1398.


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