Another Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) coming to the area

From Block Club, “two multistory apartment buildings bringing 41 rental units to Lakeview were approved Wednesday.

City Council approved the plans by John Mangan and Robert Mangan to build the two structures: a six-story building with 24 residential units at 3310 N. Lincoln Ave. and a separate, four-story building with 17 units at 1654 W. School St.

The proposed buildings will replace the existing buildings at the sites.”

“The six-story building will have commercial space on the first floor, according to its plans. The 24 units will be on the second through sixth floors.

Seven off-street parking spaces will be housed in the rear of the building’s first floor, according to the plans. Given its proximity to the Paulina CTA Brown Line Station and Ashland Bus Corridor, the project is considered a transit-oriented development.

The other, four-story building, located around the corner from the first, is also a transit-oriented development and will have 17 off-street parking spaces in the first floor’s rear, according to its plans.”

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