Have you been to Small Cheval Wrigleyville yet?

Small Cheval, the younger sibling of Au Cheval, has recently opened a new location just steps away from the iconic red marquee of Wrigley Field. The restaurant has taken over the space formerly occupied by Maddon’s Post, the eatery co-owned by former Cubs manager Joe Maddon, in Gallagher Way, a parkway located in front of the stadium that was built in 2018. This latest addition to the Small Cheval chain is the largest one yet, boasting two bars and a private dining area. The joint venture between Hogsalt and Four Corners now has a total of six locations. While the Small Cheval burger recipe varies slightly from the original served at Au Cheval in the West Loop, fans can still order takeout and delivery from the spinoff without having to wait in long lines along Randolph Street.

Rumor has it that the secret to the burgers’ popularity lies in how they are griddled and topped with sharp cheddar and Dijonaise. The beef used in the burgers is supplied by Sysco, a food vendor that serves restaurants across the United States. Small Cheval also offers a plant-based option and a new wagyu-truffle version, which is not available at nearby Shake Shack.

Wagyu beef has recently gained popularity in the baseball world. The New York Yankees have introduced their own wagyu burger this season, named after star slugger Aaron Judge, with only 99 burgers available per game day in the Bronx. Wagyu refers to premium Japanese beef that is known for its juiciness and high marbling, although there are different types of wagyu that vary in quality and price. The websites for the Yankees and Small Cheval do not specify which type is used, leaving fans to guess.

Additionally, a new Small Cheval stand has been set up near the bleachers at Wrigley Field.


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