Wrigleyville Residential Development Gets Approval from City Council

The residential development proposed at 3731 N. Sheffield Avenue in Wrigleyville has been given the green light by the Chicago City Council. The project, which will be situated north of the Wrigley Field and the intersection with W. Waveland Avenue, is set to replace a vacant lot and integrate the neighboring three-flat. Mangan Builders, the developer behind the project, is proceeding with the plans designed by Jonathan Splitt Architects after the initial unveiling in February.

The two buildings will comprise a total of eight residential units, with two units on each floor. The apartments will consist of three two-bedroom, three three-bedroom, and two four-bedroom layouts. Each unit will feature a personal outdoor area, and the existing protruding window bay will be transformed into balconies for residents of the three-flat. In addition, the development will provide six parking spaces for vehicles, two of which will be located in a new indoor garage. The basement will offer eight bicycle parking spaces as well.

The new structure will feature dark-gray brick cladding for the most part, while the central connection piece and the one-story addition will have black metal panels. The upcoming residents will have convenient access to several transportation options, including CTA Routes 22, 80, and 152, as well as the CTA Red Line at the Addison station, all of which are located within approximately a five-minute walk. With the approval from authorities, the site has been rezoned for construction to commence. However, the developer has not disclosed a specific timeline for the project’s completion.

Detailed information can be found on Ald. Tom Tunney’s Website.


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