RETAIL RETAIL RETAIL! L3 constructing several more retail buildings on Southport

First up, we have the former Homemade Pizza Co. building coming down next to Teavana making way for a two-story retail development.

Up next, we have a new construction building coming in that replaces Cerato Boutique and Suvana Chiropractor next to Crosby’s Kitchen. 
Both are L3 properties, and they continue  to bring high-end retail into the area. Each building seems to have 6000-8000 square feet of space available. 


RIP Homemade Pizza Company

RIP #HomemadePizzaCo. Looks like all locations are closed, and their Facebook and Twitter are deleted. This is an L3 building so we’ll see what happens next.  More can be read here from Crain’s Chicago Business.  


Spring 2014 on the Southport Corridor

Finally getting nice again to walk around the neighborhood!

Schoolyard Tavern
The Princess Club
Southport Lanes
Jeni\’s Splendid Ice Creams
Gap Southport
Teavana (Under Construction)
Free People and Mystic Celt
Krista K and Lange\’s Lounge
Lange\’s Lounge
Blue Mercury
Aligned Mordern Health
David\’s Tea
She One and Anthony’s Italian Ice
Southport Grocery and Cafe
Southport’s People Spot (Under Construction)
Custom Eyes and Francesca’s Collection
M2, M4M, State Street Barbers
Sheil Park
Crosby’s Kitchen
Free People, Mystic Celt
Teavana, HomeMade Pizza Co.
Schoolyard Tavern

The Holiday Season on Chicago’s Southport Corridor

A collection of photos of the Southport Corridor during the holiday season.

Mystic Celt

Mystic Celt
Free People Southport
Crosby\’s Kitchen
The UPS Store
Custom Eyes
Wheel House Wrigley
Lululemon Southport
Lululemon Southport
Southport Grocery and Cafe
She One
Anthropologie Southport
Southport Suites
That\’s Amore Florists
Benefit Southport
Homemade Pizza Company
Jeni\’s Southport
Starbucks Southport
Justin\’s Southport
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