Ella Elli’s New Menu

Construction is moving full-steam ahead for Crosby’s Kitchen’s newest restaurant in the Southport Corridor and opening date will be March 7. However unlike Crosby’s, it won’t be catering to children (so, basically no chicken fingers or hot dogs will be found on their menu).

Per Eater Chicago,

“One thing that we hear more often than not, especially at Crosby’s, is people will say ‘oh I don’t go there until after 8 o’clock, I don’t want to be there with a lot of kids there,’” Dunlay, 4 Star’s co-founder, said. “That’s why we’re opening Elli, it’s more of an adult restaurant, if you will. It’s still going to have the same great service and great food, but it’s just not going to be geared as much toward family.”

Here is a sneak peek of the menu from Eater:

You can read more on Ella Elli from The Chicago Tribune and DNA Info Chicago.


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