Chicago’s Southport Corridor Ouizi Mural

The CVS North of Addison on Southport has received an amazing extreme makeover mural from Louise “Ouizi” Jones this spring.

From Lakeview Patch:

Two blossoming murals are set to go up in Chicago’s Lake View and West Town neighborhoods just in time for spring. Created by Detroit-based artist Louise “Ouizi” Jones, the murals will be painted at 1914 W. Chicago Avenue in West Town and 3637 N. Southport Ave in Lakeview, with both pieces set to be complete by May.

The pieces are inspired by Chicago, but each pays homage to distinctive characteristics of the specific neighborhoods they call home.
Presented by the West Town Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago Avenue mural will begin this week. Rather than completely covering the wall, Ouizi plans to keep the natural brick exposed allowing the architectural structure that permeates this neighborhood to shine through. Her custom design will feature blooming flowers, including camellias, daisies, apple blossoms, and a peony delicately and intentionally painted across the brick backdrop – reaching approximately 40 feet high.
Ouizi’s addition to the blossoming Chicago Avenue Arts District is funded by the West Town Public Art Program. Since 2015, the program has sponsored the creation of more than 30 murals and art installations throughout the West Town neighborhood, with more planned in the coming year.
Presented by the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, the 2,000 square foot Southport Avenue mural kicks off a series of 15 new public art installations from various artists that will adorn the neighborhood in 2019. Ouizi’s creation incorporates bold and colorful flowers found throughout the Midwest in her design and will prominently feature Chicago’s official city flower, chrysanthemums, as well as beautiful roses.
The artwork is inspired by the City of Chicago’s official motto, “Urbs in Horto,” which means “City in a Garden.” Ouizi will begin installation of her “Urbs in Horto” mural later this month along the bustling Southport Corridor.
The project is sponsored by Lakeview Special Service Area 27 and Southport Neighbors Association.
In addition to the two new murals, Ouizi will also be making her first Chicago gallery debut this month. Located just steps away from her West Town mural in the neighborhood\’s burgeoning arts district, Chicago Truborn is hosting a duo exhibition featuring Ouizi and local artist, Emmy Star Brown. Titled \”Ulterior Motifs,” the opening reception takes place Saturday, April 13 from 6 to 10 p.m. and is free and open to the public.
The show features a robust body of original works from both artists and will boast two in-store murals on view through Saturday, May 18. Patrons attending the opening reception will enjoy the artists’ original creations, as well as a complimentary “Ulterior Motifs” cocktail, created around the theme of the show, by the mixologists at Bar Biscay. The “Ulterior Motif” cocktail will be listed on Bar Biscay’s menu for the duration of the show. More information on the show can be found at

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