Alice & Wonder officially opens in Chicago’s Southport Corridor

“This is a big deal to our small business”

Alice & Wonder opened today at 3524 N. Southport Avenue. This is their second store in Chicago in addition to Lincoln Park, which is currently located at 956 W. Webster Avenue. With close to 45K Instagram followers, there is no doubt this boutique is already a hit on the ‘Port.

From their Instagram page:

Chicago, we’re home. ❤️🏡 // GRAND OPENING day is here! 🎉 While we’ve been designing and building this new space for more than 6 months, as any small business owner can relate, walking into our dream space has taken a lot longer than that.

This is 6 years of hope. This is starting a business from my spare bedroom. This is photoshoots in my living room, pop-ups after pop-ups, husband/mom/sister/friends being our first (and most importantly, free 🤣) employees. This is women trusting our vision enough to rely on us for a full-time salary. This is our incredible staff saying “I’ll stay late” or “I’ll cover that shift” time-and-time again. This is customers who walked in and chose to tell their friends. This is processes learned the hard way and people still coming back to let us improve. This is neighbors who come in so often we know them by name.

This is a big deal to our small business. And I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for all the hands that helped us get here, because it’s not a feat accomplished alone. WE DID IT. NOW LETS PARTY. 🎉 #prettyfunthings 📸: @wittefini_photo // Tile mosaic designed by @vichcraft ❤️

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