Dog-a-holics van was stolen, need your help sharing the information!

Please share! From Dog-a-Holics:

🚨ATTENTION!! Our transportation van & THREE of our dogs just got stolen from behind Southport & Addison alley. The pups are Keith, Pappy, & Stella! If you know anything at all or see our white ban please call 911 or call us at 773.549.9000 🚨

It is a It’s a plain white Nissan NV 2500 cargo van, with the license plate 1781495B. There is a photo of the van on our social media page in the next post. *we apologize for stating that it was a “carjacking” the van and dogs were stolen.”

It is a large white Nissan NV high-top van, license plate 1781495B. No brand markings or logo in the van:

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