The horrific crime wave continues in Lakeview and Lincoln Park: CWB; GoFundMe Information now included

More horrific crime occurred over the past 24 hours. Robbers ambushed a man in Lincoln Park, shot him in his head after taking his phone.

Warning: the video from CWB is tough to watch.

More shots fired in Lakeview Saturday night

Ald. Tom Tunney calls for more police after woman, 72, shot in Lakeview

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Happy Camper donating Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s sales to the Beltran family

From Happy Camper’s Instagram page, Wednesday – Friday, March 30 – April 1, 2022, sales will directly go to the Beltran family, after Hermilo Beltran was killed during a robbery attempt as he arrived for work. 

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GoFundMe information for Hermilo Beltran, Happy Camper Wrigleyville victim

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Man shot to death behind ‘Happy Camper’ in Wrigleyville; brawl at Dinner and a Show

What we’re reading today from CWB Chicago

A sad weekend in Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park from CWB Chicago.

Dog-a-holics van was stolen, need your help sharing the information!

Please share! From Dog-a-Holics:

🚨ATTENTION!! Our transportation van & THREE of our dogs just got stolen from behind Southport & Addison alley. The pups are Keith, Pappy, & Stella! If you know anything at all or see our white ban please call 911 or call us at 773.549.9000 🚨

It is a It’s a plain white Nissan NV 2500 cargo van, with the license plate 1781495B. There is a photo of the van on our social media page in the next post. *we apologize for stating that it was a “carjacking” the van and dogs were stolen.”

It is a large white Nissan NV high-top van, license plate 1781495B. No brand markings or logo in the van:

Voice your concerns on crime to Tom Tunney’s Office

We have had many posts this week on crime and it appears our voices are being heard.  This is from one of our fellow neighbors:

“Chris “director of public safety” for Tunney’s office called me back within three hours and was very understanding, supportive and sympathetic to the issues we are seeing. He has been receiving a ton of calls and seems to understand we need help. He wants to know when police are not responding and when we feel no one is listening. He said he is open to anyone who wants to call. I spoke with him for 20 minutes. He said he took a drive down the alleys along Janssen this morning and was surprised at the amount of graffiti in the area. He says he has ordered clean up for it and would like calls anytime we see new graffiti or anything suspicious in the area. He will be present at the CAPS meeting on the 18th at 7PM at 2452 Belmont. This is our chance to meet with and talk to our law enforcement and tell them what we are seeing. He also says he\’s happy to join any neighborhood watch programs we set up to help be a resource. Call him and tell him your concerns. The more they hear from us the better.”

If you see something that does not seem normal, call 911 to report it.  You can also contact Tom Tunney’s office at 773.525.6034 and continue to voice your concern on crime.  We also advise you to follow Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Yep – the Tribune Agrees – Lakeview is rising in Muggings

More Graffiti Found Along Southport

OK, we get it, there is a lot more crime out there then just some graffiti in the area, but we took a small walk today and here is just a few things we found north of Addison:

1.  Dairy Queen – north side marked up

2.  CVS – Garbage Can in front of entrance had been marked up

3.  Dumpster behind Julius Meinl – loaded

What do you see out there??  Help be our eyes and post any photos you see on our Facebook wall.

You can report this directly to the city here:

Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown Blog

Have you seen this blog yet? It was featured last night on ABC 7 News. Bookmark it today and stay in the know on what’s going on around our neighborhood!

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