Northwestern Transformed Wrigley Field Into A Football Stadium And It Looks Like A Dream

Northwestern football is returning to the Friendly Confines for the first time since November 20, 2010, when Chicago’s Big Ten Team hosted the first college football game in the historic venue since 1938. The Wildcats are set to play Purdue at Wrigley Field exactly 11 years later and it looks incredible.

When Northwestern first played Illinois in 2010, only one end zone was useable due to the dimensions of the ballpark. Renovations have been made this year, seating has been reconfigured and a dugout has been moved to make sure that a full field with two goal posts are in play.

The picturesque backdrop of the Chicago skyline sits beautifully beyond the end zone in right field and the on-field markings bring the entire canvas together.

Although Northwestern is 1-5 in-conference this season, perhaps the special venue will provide the extra juice that the Wildcats need to topple Purdue on Nov. 20.

If there was ever a game to get up for, it would be one played at a venue like this:

The famous ivy along the outfield wall has even turned to fall colors and you can practically feel the football weather through the photos.

Because of the end zone configurations, the Cubs’ home dugout is gone. Northwestern will still use the facilities, but it will have to walk down an aisle to reach the field. It actually makes the team entrance even more epic.

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