Party Bus swipes up to 15 cars on Broadway in Lakeview; Found in Belmont Harbor

From NBC, “A rather unusual scene unfolded Saturday in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood as a party bus traveling down Broadway smashed into more than a dozen vehicles, according to witnesses.

Cell phone video obtained by NBC 5, taken just before 3 p.m., shows a white party bus trying to move through traffic, heading northbound on Broadway near the intersection of Addison Street. According to witnesses, the bus crashed into at least 15 vehicles nearby.

Vehicles sustained damage ranging from flat tires to broken rear windows and shattered mirrors. One witness told NBC 5 the situation was out of control, and at one point, the bus even blocked her in.

“He was actually kind of calm, you know, cause it wasn’t like he was in a hurry, he was kind of maneuvering around traffic and kind of just hitting every car in sight,” said witness Chandra Williams, referring to the driver. “And this one car kind of just landed in front of us, so we couldn’t go anywhere else.”

The bus was found at Belmont Harbor, according to the Chicago Fire Department, but the driver has yet to be located.”

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