Chicago Police Department confirm FIFTH abduction and armed robbery in Wrigleyville

Ald. Tom Tunney said he told police “once again” that more officers need to patrol the entertainment areas along Clark and Halsted streets, he said.

The East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce is increasing its budget for private security after yet another robbery and abduction was uncovered in Wrigleyville.

Chicago police confirmed Wednesday they are investigating a fifth robbery and abduction in Lakeview within a two-day period over the weekend.

All five incidents happened near Wrigley Field. In each case, victims were forced into a car, robbed, then kicked out of the car.

“There’s a lot of eyes, a lot of cameras, a lot of light on Clark Street,” said Sam Sanchez, owner of Old Crow Smoke House. “Clark Street they shouldn’t take lightly, because we’re pretty organized over there.”

Chicago police said three of the incidents happened between midnight and 1:15 a.m. Saturday and Sunday along the 3400-, 3500-, and 3600-blocks of North Clark Street, as well as the 1100-block of West Addison. The fifth incident also happened in the 1100-block of West Addison, police said.

Police said the men in question forced the victims into a gray sedan at gunpoint and robbed them of their cellphones and wallets, before kicking them out of the car.

The chamber of commerce is increasing its security budget from $50,000 to $300,000 after the incidents.

The neighborhood has been on high alert for days. Many residents are hoping police have some sort of surveillance images of the suspect car, since there are so many cameras in the busy area.

This weekend is also expected to be warm, which means more people will be out and about in the neighborhood.

CPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment on any plan to increase patrols.


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