Casper Mattress Now Open at 3420 N. Southport Avenue

Casper Mattress has opened their new brick and mortar sleep shop at 3420 N. Southport on May 23, 2019.  Take a look inside the new shop on Southport.

Casper joins a list of Internet turned to brick and mortar shops along Southport Avenue, including Amazon Books, Warby Parker and Bonobos.  In addition to the upcoming Southport shop, Casper is located at Oak Brook Center and Chicago’s Fulton Market.

Casper announced plans late last summer on adding 200+ stores around the US in mostly trendy city areas and A-Class shopping centers.

“As Casper seeks to fight off competition from internet imitators, the mattress and sleep retailer is looking to open the doors of 200 brick-and-mortar stores. The retailer aims to expand its identity from a place to buy a mattress to a destination to purchase a variety of sleep products, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“Customers aren’t always in the market for a mattress, but everyone cares about how they sleep,” Casper CEO Philip Krim told WSJ.
The retailer is not the only digitally native company to turn to retail stores in an effort to bolster sales and visibility: Everlane and Warby Parker, for example, have also expanded their brick-and-mortar footprints. At the same time, some online retailers have sought out busy locations to help their marketing efforts as online customer acquisition costs have risen.”

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