Southport Corridor Changes into 2020

Whether you are new to the area or a long-time resident, one thing is for certain: nothing is permanent except change. So if you can’t keep up with all of the changes happening to Chicago’s Southport Corridor, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a summary of what to expect into 2020:

  1. TOD development at 3200 N. Southport under construction with new retail
  2. TOD development coming to 3542 N. Southport with retail (former Basics Salon building)
  3. TOD development coming to 3347-49 N. Southport with retail
  4. TOD development under construction at 3647 N. Southport
  5. TOD development coming to 3401 N. Southport – Rise Sushi and Galleria Liquors closing in July
  6. TOD development under construction at 3300 N. Clark
  7. Johnny Was coming to 3510 N. Southport
  8. Lululemon Southport remodeled and now open
  9. Discover CBD coming to 3527 N. Southport (former M2 corner space)
  10. Klein True Value closing, space for lease
  11. Wildwood Photography moved to Roscoe Village, retail space for lease
  12. 3338 N. Southport retail space for lease
  13. The Spanish Square restaurant has closed, space for sale
  14. Condos coming to 3150 N. Southport
  15. Grassroots Restaurant is for sale
  16. 1362 W. Belmont retail space for lease
  17. Southport & Irving (SIP) restaurant for lease
  18. Large-scale mixed-use development coming to 1356 W. Wellington Avenue
  19. Taco Bell on Addison coming back, along with Chase Bank and Planet Granite
  20. Casper Mattress now open at 3420 N. Southport
  21. Ivivva by Lululemon is closed. Space currently for lease
  22. The auto body shop on Addison by Wrigley Field will be replaced by a new development
  23. The former Blue Bayou space is for lease
  24. Cafe Tola is expanding into the Sweet Sensations former space
  25. Just Salad rumored to be coming to Southport
  26. That\’s Amore Florist has been sold, new owners to reconcept into a boutique home and garden shop
  27. M2 Boutique has downsized
  28. New housing development coming to 1225 W. School Street
  29. Froyo Chicago closed, space for lease
  30. New housing and retail development coming to Ashland and Barry

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