This is what is coming to Goose Island in Chicago

Goose Island sits 3 miles south of Southport Avenue in Chicago

A massive mixed-use development that would bring Goose Island its first residential units in decades and a 300-key hotel is expected to get an initial OK from the city during last Thursday’s Plan Commission meeting.

The proposal by the Vancouver-based Onni Group would bring 2,650 new residential units, 300 hotel rooms, commercial and retail space, 1,400 parking spaces and open space to 901 N. Halsted St. along the Chicago River in the 27th Ward.  

Members of the Chicago Plan Commission during their 9 a.m. Thursday meeting are expected to consider the Goose Island development among proposals for thousands of new residential units in the city’s downtown area and a proposal to change development regulations in the Illinois Medical District for the first time since 1997.  

Onni’s multi-year Goose Island development would leave the southern portion of the largely industrial island looking starkly different than it does today, with a Greyhound Bus maintenance building currently on the site. Onni bought the maintenance facility for $38 million in February 2019, the Tribune reported at the time.  

The development, dubbed Halsted Pointe, is proposed to include five towers ranging from a 28-story hotel to a 65-story residential building. Three additional residential buildings would stand at 30, 45 and 46 stories. Four “activated mid-rise” buildings would be built next to the towers. 

Chicago’s North Branch Framework Plan, approved by city leaders in 2017, allows homes to be built on Goose Island for the first time in decades.   

Additionally, Halsted Pointe would offer 3.8 acres of “usable and thoughtfully designed open areas” including landscaping and new trees, according to the planning department presentation. Buildings in Halsted Pointe are designed to include landscaped decks, terraces and plazas to appeal to pedestrians.   

Onni is also planning to prioritize open space along the river and bring more than 1,300 linear feet of publicly accessible Riverwalk to the development.  

According to the proposal, Onni is planning to build on-site all of the 530 units of affordable housing required by the city’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance. The developer had previously cited the city’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance when they backed out of an initial deal to buy the bus facility for $50 million.  

Halsted Pointe will be privately funded and will not receive any tax-increment financing benefits. The development will contribute $19.3 million to the city’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund, $4.1 million to the Local Impact Fund and $2.4 million to the Citywide Adopt-A-Landmark.  

Halsted Pointe is projected to bring with it 9,782 construction-related jobs.  

Source: Block Club Chicago

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