Steingold’s Expansion Plans for Southport Avenue

Steingold’s is officially expanding into an adjacent space next to Candyality. The expansion will include indoor dining, a deli counter, coffee, specialty food, spirit, wine and beer.

Steingold’s of Chicago relocated this year to 3737 N. Southport Avenue. The deli is doing 2.5 times more orders per month than it did in its previous location and is preparing to expand into an adjacent storefront.

“We just needed more people walking by,” Steingold says. “Southport offers that.”

3 thoughts on “Steingold’s Expansion Plans for Southport Avenue”

  1. Will the owner still be rude to customers when a bagel and/or sandwich takes 20 minutes and they ask what’s taking so long? Same issues we experienced on Irving persist at the new location. Online reviews suggest nothing has changed. Only a matter of time until they drive away all new customers.


  2. I think Steinglod’s is a fine bagel spot and I’m always an advocate for a Southport Corridor business to succeed. However, I do think Gotham Bagel is much better. Higher quality food and a better bang for your buck.


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