Wrigley Field Transformed for the upcoming Northwestern Game (And TWO Working End Zones)

“Football is coming back to Wrigley Field later this month, with Northwestern hosting Purdue on Saturday, November 20.

You may recall that Wrigley Field hosted a Northwestern game against Illinois back in 2010, rather infamously, as only one end zone was ultimately useable because of the dimensions of the field.

Fortunately, the renovations of the past few years reconfigured some of the seating and the dugouts to be movable in the case of a football game, so that won’t be an issue this time around. To that point, I was very interested to get our first aerial view into Wrigley Field with the seating/dugout reconfigured to accommodate two actual working end zones.

Thanks to cubsballhawk on Instagram and WrigleyAerials on Twitter for getting these looks at the field, including the total removal of the home dugout:


You can see where all the work was done to be able to extend the field so that the right field wall isn’t effectively in play, which was the problem last time around. It’ll be very cool to see the finished product, and then obviously the game. Even when being contorted to fit some non-baseball sport, I still think Wrigley is a truly unique and wonderful place to experience sports.

Another view of the dugout-less end zone:


[Bleacher Nation]”

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