Chicago police issue warning on Wrigleyville kidnappings, robbeires

‘Frustrating and terrifying’: CPD investigating 3 kidnappings, armed robberies near Wrigley Field

Chicago police said they are still looking for the men they say kidnapped and robbed three people at gunpoint over the weekend along busy parts of Clark and Addison streets.

Fortunately, police said the victims are okay, but residents said they are now staying extra aware of their surroundings.

“It’s frustrating and terrifying all at the same time,” said Laura Provost, a Lakeview resident. “Being a woman walking around at night at 1 in the morning, you should feel safe enough to get from point A to point B.”

There was an ominous warning from Wrigley Field on Monday afternoon, one day after gunpoint robberies mere blocks away from the stadium in Lakeview.

“It’s frustrating because you kind of bill this as a safe area and it’s not something you expect from especially this part of town,” said Jacob Morsch, a Lakeview resident.

Chicago police said the three incidents happened between midnight and 1:15 a.m. Saturday and Sunday along the 3400 and 3500 blocks of North Clark Street, as well as the 1100 block of West Addison.

Police said the men in question forced the victims into a gray sedan at gunpoint, robbed them of their cellphones and wallets, before kicking them out of the car.

“I carry a gun every day, so I think that answers that question,” one Lakeview business owner said. “Chicago as a whole is a tourist city and when you hear stuff like this on the news, it definitely puts you on alert and makes you very vigilant.”

More here from ABC Chicago.


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